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2 days ago

Christian Iddon

@imagedesigncustom have done an epic job on my 2019 HJC helmets.
Hope you all like them ⚡🐶
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Brilliant design and paint job Christian love it Dunsley Heat sponsored

Hopefully most of the other riders will be seeing paw prints and bones! 😊

Amazing 😮 getting a wee bit exited now 👏👏

Edward Comerford

I’ll look forward to seeing it in front of me next go-kart meet. Good luck for the coming season mate.

Look fantastic


Is that wee Tyne I spotted on there Squidman McIddon? Good luck 👍🏻

Mint that fella 👍


Really have to say like that a lot.


Beautiful 😍😍👍

Looking very good.

Nice lids

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1 week ago

Christian Iddon

Kirkistown Circuit 12/04/19
Pre season testing
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Rafaël Thibault spas sa première fois!🤙🤙

Steven Clarke

Scott Walker Philip Gracey Ryan Murphy

Dylan Leonard

Sean Smith Thomas O Grady George Boyce Gavin McCormick Clifford Bailey Wools Coulter

James O'Brien James McBean Neil Coulson Joe Curtis Anthony Suffolk Adam Curtis absolutely RINGING it!

Christian iddon that is some goin round kirkinstown.... My best round der is 1:05 and I think am a great fella.... Lol. Yr on a different level altogether....

Jonathan Leitch

Gavin Johnston that’s how ya go round Kirky

Mark Kneen

Sylwester Stasiak jest łogiń

Renato Kinkela

Holy fuck......turn 2 was unreal..... wee Davy will be praying this lot dont turn up Easter weekend 😁😁

Ben Mottram

Michael Gahan Ady Wilson Mickey McGeehan Harrold Pole Paddy Doherty

Kin ellll ✊🏼💨

53.98 is some lap !!

1m 02secs is the fastest that I’ve ever clocked round Kirkistown and that was on a 400. Yet a few years ago some twits from some arm chair racers forum labelled me slow. 53secs is a blistering pace though.

Lee William Aston

Ashley King 😱😱

Alison Gates

Simon Cairns

Matthew ChanLeo WaiDanny Tam佐藤 ブルー 搵人tag9毛

Emmet Bannon Derek Sheils Derek Wilson John Burrows

Neil Gardner

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Going to be a great season 👍

Chris Carson

Chris Carson

Going to be a good season.

Paul Evans

Hope so

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2 weeks ago

Christian Iddon

Sound on 🔊👌 ... See MoreSee Less


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Looking and sounding good, can't wait for the bsb season to start GOOD LOOK 🏍

Sounds brilliant 🏍😁 can't wait for the season to start 😊

Yes sound on 🏍👍🏼♥️

Wow sounding great 👍

💥💥👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 get on it!!!


Dean Gilmore

Bob Mc Mahon

Love it! 🏍🙋🏼

You Beauty !!

Foooooookin el 😏👌

Sounds mint 👌

Dean Campbell David Liggett Alan Mccord Bru Ferris

Aidan Hamill is this what you seen?

Peter Mccabe

Kevin Falcke

Reet trapin on fella. Carry on 👍

Ohhhh that sounds the dogs😜

Gwaaaaaaaannnn 💪💪

Will Never forget watching Christian in Western Australia at collie motorplex, trying to break the lap record of a road bike on an Aprillia motard ... amazing hey Bruce Webb

Hell yes 🏁🏁

Clement Buchanan



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2 weeks ago

Christian Iddon

Rolling out for the first time this year... ... See MoreSee Less


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Wishing you so much luck for this season 💕💕🍀🍀

Good luck mate see you soon. Brrraaaaapppp!

Have a great year pal

Really hope you have a great season mate.. Chris, debs, & karl..

Nice one mate 👍🏍

Have a safe year 👍

Nice to see you are getting in a bit of Wet Practice. Good luck and stay safe this season xx

Nice leathers 👌

Your gonna smash it!

Best of luck this season Lightning

Aaahh I'm so exited!!! smash it!!! 😍

I set off faster for work in a frost! What’s going on? 😂😂

Dougie Minshull look after this maestro’s machinery please 👍 have a great season Mr I

Ride fast ride safe 😉

Looking forward to Silverstone!!

Andy Chapman did you not know this


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2 weeks ago

Christian Iddon

Game loading..... 🎮 ... See MoreSee Less


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Now Thats a nice dash.

Kilian Martel

Prince harry wont like that 😂

Ooooh! How many lives?

3 months ago

Christian Iddon

Lots of training videos being shared lately.
Here's a WOD for ya 😉
AMRAP between 8am and 5pm.
Hydrate with brews!
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Does lifting a pint count as a bicep curl?

I wanna see a bear complex of the following (5 sets of)... 1 Power Clean of a fully loaded barrow, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat and 1 Push Press. Score as total load weight on 5th round. 👍💪

Looked a bit dry , that mix 😎

Proper lad, not shy of a days graft 👍🏼

😂😂 ya berk

Sådan træner man når man vil være med fremme i BSB. Iddon #21 er jo murer, og hvorfor skulle man have nykker fordi man tjener godt..💪🏽


Grafter that lad keep it up mate

You will be getting a call to Huddersfield International Airport if you are not careful..

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Bennetts British Superbike Championship
It just wouldn't be Christmas without some festive messages from some of your favourite Bennetts BSB riders, so sit back and enjoy from all around the world!
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Absolutely brilliant video, love the dog Christian, made me laugh out loud, just a shame we didn’t get to see you. 💕

4 months ago

Christian Iddon

If you want to listen to me talk, click this.

Iddon MCL 2018

Bennetts British Superbike Championship
Christian Iddon is set for 2019 Bennetts BSB with Tyco BMW - we checked in with him recently to look ahead to the new season
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Good luck for 2019

Exited!!! 2019 bring it on!!! ....also ....🥰😍

7 months ago

Christian Iddon

Episode 3
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What a lovely Man,good luck Christian

Wise words. Good luck for assen

Just the sort of grandad I would have wanted , I never had one . ( Mind you I'm a little concerned the Mother in Laws Tongue plant is looking a little bit overwatered IMHO )

L❤️VE Grandad x

What a lovely gent. X

😂 love you grandad ❤️❤️❤️

Just ❤ grandad. X

Aren’t you so lucky to still have your grandad 💕


Love your grandad! “Brave but not sensible” Great summary!

Words of wisdom from a gentleman I hold in the highest esteem

Hahaa 😂😂

Legend 😂

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